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8 Best Noise Reducing Treadmill Mats [2023]-Goodbye to Noise!

01st Jan 2024

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Treadmills are one of the most popular fitness equipment, and it is widely popular for home use also. Treadmills allow you to have a great cardio session, and burn some serious calories without having to go for a run or jog outside. There is no doubt that treadmills are a great investment and they are pretty heavy compared to other home workout equipment. So it is equally important to maintain the machine properly and take good care of it.

As mentioned, most treadmills are physically very heavy, and when walking or running over it, they can produce some unnecessary noise and they can be pretty annoying.

All that shaking could irritate you. Apart from being a nuisance, it can damage your machine and your floor. Also, all that noise might not be very pleasant for your neighbors too. Noise-reducing mats for treadmills were specifically designed to tackle these obstacles. They provide a strong, sturdy base for your treadmill and protect you, your treadmill, and also the floor. 

Why Treadmill Mats are good for you and your treadmill?

Noise-reducing mats absorb vibrations caused by your treadmills when in motion. These vibrations ultimately cause undesirable noise, so when they are absorbed by the mat, you can witness a reduction in the noise.

Similarly, all those vibrations also mean your treadmill is rigorously moving, and this can damage your machine and floor. Since noise-reducing mats absorb those vibrations, both your treadmill and floor can have a long life.

These mats come in all shapes and sizes. You might not realize it sooner, but these mats are not only good for your treadmill and floor but also good for you in the long term. When you are using your treadmill regularly, it is critical that both your machine and surroundings are safe and sound. Vibrations caused by treadmill movements can harm your floor and damage the alignment of the floor.

A treadmill mat can prevent such an incident. Plus, with the noise now reduced, you can focus more on your goals and increase your speed.

The best thing about treadmill mats is, most of them are built for treadmills and other heavy cardio machines, but you can use them as your exercise mat also. You can use this for HIIT exercises and if possible, yoga too.

The reason why treadmill mats can be so versatile is that most treadmill mats are made to absorb vibrations, thus reducing noise. Moreover, they also have low friction making them slip-resistant in most cases. Most of the mats available today in the market are also weather-resistant and waterproof. All these factors add up to make these mats perfect for a lot of use.

What to look for while choosing a mat for your treadmill?

It is fairly simple to choose a mat for your treadmill, as there aren’t any technical aspects that you have to worry about.

The few things that you have to keep in mind are the size of the machine, the thickness of the mat, and your budget.

While purchasing a noise-reducing treadmill mat, you have to make sure it has enough length and breadth to keep the entire treadmill above it. It is pretty pointless if you purchase a short mat for your treadmill.

Secondly, the dimensions for noise-reducing mats can also vary in thickness. If you use your treadmills at a normal pace and have a strong floor, you can opt for a fairly normal mat. But if you run faster on your treadmill a lot, you might want to consider buying a thick noise reducing mat.

Finally, a budget is something you will always look into. Mostly treadmill mats for noise reduction have the same price range and mostly vary because of the material and size. The higher the density of the mat and the larger the size, the higher will be the price.

So make sure the reason for your purchase is clear - whether it is strictly for your treadmill, or you occasionally wish to use it as a workout mat. The need for size might vary based on your goal and you can adjust your budget according to your needs.

8 Best Noise Reducing Treadmill Mats

Now you understand the importance of treadmill mats, let's dive into some of the top treadmill mats. We have listed the 8 best noise-reducing treadmill mats, some of which can only be used underneath a machine, and others you can use as your own personal exercise mat.

1. Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat


If you have been in the fitness world for a fair amount of time, and have done your fair share of research when it comes to exercise equipment, there is a high chance you might have come across the brand Sunny. Especially when it comes to treadmills, Sunny Health and Fitness has always been popular. When it comes to treadmill mats, it is no exception.

The best thing about this mat is that it is versatile. It is not only made for treadmills, but also elliptical bikes, yoga, and other exercises. This mat comes in three different size categories - small, medium, and large.

The range of sizes makes this mat perfect for any use.

The medium-range mat has a dimension of 6.5ft x 3ft.

It is comparatively thin but still absorbs vibrations well enough to reduce noise.

2. Supermat High-Density Commercial Grade Solid Equipment Mat

One of the toughest and most durable treadmill mats, Supermat High-Density Commercial Grade Solid Equipment is perfect for heavy and noise treadmills.

This mat comes in different models like 20GS and 40GS. Ideally, 40GS should be perfect for all the needs.

Regardless of the model, the Supermat is made of solid vinyl composite material. The vinyl built is perfect for firm workouts and efficiently reduces noise and vibrations.

It has a dimension of 5ft x 2.5ft and a thickness.

The major con of this product is it is not foldable. But if purely used as a noise-reducing mat for treadmills, portability should not be much of a concern.

3. BestXD High-Density mats for treadmills

BestXD High-Density mats are not the traditional mats you would expect for your treadmill. Rather it is a set of blocks that you can place underneath your treadmill to reduce vigorous movement thus reducing the vibrations and noise produced by the machine.

These tiny squares go right under the feet of the machine. They are made of high-density rubber and perfect for treadmills only.

Despite being small and different from most traditional mats, it efficiently absorbs vibrations and protects from damage and scratches.

Each tile has a thickness of 0.5 inches which is fairly enough to absorb from the edges. 

The dimension of each tile is approximately 4 inches (length and breadth)

4. Gxmmat Large Exercise Mat

Another recommended pick to absorb vibrations and reduce noise is the Gxmmat Large Exercise Mat. This mat is perfect for all users because of its universally adaptable large size.

This mat has a length of 6 ft and a breadth of 4ft, which is very well sufficient for treadmills, elliptical machines, and even HIIT exercises.

It is made out of Polyvinyl Chloride and absorbs shock and noise very well.

5. Ewonderworld Puzzle Foam mat

Ewonderworld Puzzle Foam has a unique design when it comes to traditional mats. Instead of a foldable cloth or pad, it comes in interlocking puzzle pieces.

Built with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, these puzzle foams can be a flexible option for you. It's easy to install and put the pieces together.

The packing includes 21 pieces of 21in x 21in square tiles, but if necessary you can set it up for any size up to 84in x 36in.

These puzzle pads are durable and waterproof.

Clearly, these are not foldable, but portability is not an issue and it is easy to detach, easy to carry, and equally easy to attach.

They perfectly absorb shock and vibration thus reducing noise from the treadmill and protecting the treadmill and the floor.

6. Iron Company Humane Shok-Lok Anti-shock rubber mat

Another easily detachable treadmill mat on our list is the Humane Shok-Lok Anti-Shock rubber mat by Iron Company.

This product comes in two separate pieces that can be attached to each other to assemble a large mat.

The dimension of this mat is 8ft x 4ft.

This mat is made out of rubber and is perfect for home cardio machines and home exercises.

The rubber is very durable and can efficiently reduce noise and vibration.

7. Stamina Fold to Fit Folding Mat

If space is your concern and you need a storage-friendly mat, then another such foldable mat is the Stamina Fold to Fit folding mat.


It has a dimension of 86in x 36in and has a surface thickness of 0.25 inches.

Made purely out of foam, this mat can be folded into 7 equal parts for easy storage. Being large it is a great choice for treadmills, rowers, bikes, ellipticals, and other heavy machines.

It has a pebble texture on both sides, which not only makes it feels good but makes it slip-resistant.

8. Rubber Cal Shark Tooth Noise Suppressing Mat

Just as the name sounds rough and tough, the Rubber Cal Shark Tooth Noise Suppressing mat is a high-density rubber mat for your heavy treadmill or elliptical machine.

Made from recycled rubber tires, this product is highly durable and has the perfect density to absorb heavy vibrations and reduce noise.

Each mat weighs around 21lbs and measures 3ft x 2ft. It has a thickness of 0.8 inches.

Placing two of these mats on the front and back of the machine is enough to reduce vibrations and sound, protect your floor, and protect your machine.

The rough surface made out of rubber increases friction, thus being slip-resistant and waterproof.

Types of mats for different floor surfaces

Floor surfaces react differently in the presence of the mat. For slopy floors and tile flooring, you should use a non-slip floor mat. The lens density is necessary on a carpeting floor, the floor and underlays are used in helping cushion some impacts.

Hardwood floors

Rubber mats are great for use on hardwood floors, however you should stay away from mats which use plasticizing because over time these may erode and damage your flooring.

The floor can be too slippery for rubber mats so if the treadmill moves slowly it could mean you have to run the floor a little slower. If your wood is very well finished then make sure it is not slipping when walking in the gym.

Most treadmill models have fewer than 50 decibels. I think somewhere on the middle ground between refrigerators and dishwashers. But Depending on your house or apartment building this noise can be increased by as much as 100 decibels by a handheld drilling instrument.

So anti-vibration mats can prove necessary. If you want an old and quiet treadmill, try the Nordictrack T Series. Use mats to decrease this noise further. 


Whatever your reason may be - complaining neighbors, annoying sounds, or damaged floors, it is always highly recommended to always keep a noise-reducing mat under your treadmill.

It is not a hard installation and such an action can protect you, your floor, and your machine for a long time. Also, make sure you have proper assistance while placing and removing the mat from the place. It is crucial, especially while using pad blocks that the alignment is correct to avoid any sort of injuries.

So make sure if you are planning to purchase a new treadmill, or already own one, you go through some recommended noise-reducing treadmill mats too as it will prolong the life of your floor and the treadmill.


FAQ Questions

1. Do treadmill mats work?

Yes, These add additional protection to the underside of the treadmill to help protect the surface. Moreover, a mat reduces noises and vibrations, protects your floor, and enhances your fitness area's beauty.

2. What kind of mat should I put under my treadmill?

Treadmill mats help keep a treadmill upright and absorb vibration and dust. The ideal mat usually measures 3 1/4 inches (4mm). The thickest mat has an average thickness of 8 inches (9mm).

3. Do treadmill mats reduce noise?

Heavy-duty treadmill mats provide an extra protective barrier between your machinery and your building. Rubber is the ideal product for such mats since it absorbs sound and impact from treadmills and greatly reduces sound.