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How Much Does a Hex Bar (Trap) Weigh? - Updated 2022

03rd Oct 2022

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When it comes to strength training, it is always good to keep a track of your progress. Doing so will show you how much you have improved and understand your own limitations.

Tracking progress will include your record of average sets and reps you do in a workout session. Along with sets and reps, it is also recommended to keep a track of your equipment weight.

Weights are an important part of strength training. But you cannot start with a heavyweight right when you are a beginner. You have to gradually increase your resistance as you grow stronger and better. Thus, it is important to know the weight of your workout gear. 

In dumbbells or weight plates, you can see the weight value either printed or engraved on the heads. This helps you choose and track your record. Most other equipment has some sort of marking to indicate its weight.

This might not be the case for Hex Bars. Hex bars come with a pre-manufactured weight. Each model has their own weight. Here, we will let you know how much an average hex bar really weighs.

What is a Hex (Trap) Bar?

For those who are still wondering what a Hex Bar is, we have an answer for that too. Hex Bars are a creative derivative of traditional straight rods. In a traditional straight rod, you can put weight plates on both sides of the rod, you keep it before yourself and lift them.

You can perform certain exercises to focus on a particular muscle and it is effective. The Hex Bar is a bit different, for one in its shape itself.

hex bar weight

If you look at an image of a hex bar, you can see, that instead of a single straight rod, the hex bar has a closed hexagonal space in the center. The space is enough for you to enter inside it. On both sides, there are fixed handles, which you can use to lift the hex bar.

Another thing about Hex bars is that the bar itself has a good amount of weight resistance. Unlike straight workout rods, hex bars themselves are heavy and can be trained without external weight plates if required. The weight of hex bars usually is 40-70lbs but they do differ from brand to brand.

The Hex Bar is a versatile tool that can be used in many ways. This makes it ideal for athletes who want to train at home, or for anyone who just wants to get fit and stay active. Trap bar exercises are good for building overall strength and endurance, as well as improving your flexibility and stability.

Hex bar exercises offer more variety than conventional bars, with movements like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses possible using the same device.

Hex bars got their name because of the 6-sided hexagonal shape it has as opposed to a traditional straight workout rod. They are also popularly known as trap bars, because, along with deadlifts, these types of bars are highly used to train your trapezius muscles, the muscles that connect your neck and shoulders.

How Much Does a Hex Bar Weigh?

Now, let us return to the main question, How much does an average hex bar weigh?

As you already know now, hex bars themselves have a good considerable amount of weight, it is better to know the weight of your trap bar. The weight of hex bars ranges from 30lbs to 70lbs. Average hex bars usually weigh around 50lbs.

The most commonly used Hex Bar, the Gerard type, approximately weighs around 45lbs. This is a considerable amount of weight resistance. Different models have different weights. Let us look at some popular models of hex bars and their average weights.

Titan Olympic Hex Bar

The Titan Olympic Hex Bar weighs around 44lbs. It is designed to properly perform deadlifts, bent-over rows and squats.

The Titan Olympic Hex Bar is manufactured using stainless steel and has a wide handle diameter of 28mm. The trap bar, which weighs around 44lbs can take up extra weights up to 500lbs. The bar handle stands 6 inches above the ground, making it easier to perform deadlifts and other exercises without bending your back a lot. The stainless steel makes the Titan Olympic Hex Bar very durable and it also has a 1-Year Warranty.

Titan EZ load hex bar

The Titan EZ Load Hex Bar V2 weighs around 54lbs. It has a very stylish design with a quite unique grip handle.

The Titan EZ Load Hex Bar has three different grip handles. This helps anyone and athletes specifically to switch between different routines. It has a very unique and convenient mechanism where you can change the weights by simply sliding them onto the sleeve. It also sits 10 inches off the ground. All the above mechanical features make this trap bar very effective for all types of exercises as it helps with proper form, and targets different muscle groups. It is made of heavy-duty steel, which is very durable and will last a lifetime. Apart from the 54lbs weight of the trap bar, it has an additional weight capacity of 500lbs.

Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar

The Rouge TB-2 Trap Bar weighs around 60lbs. It is a very rough and tough model, has a dual-handle design,  and it is perfect for public gyms.

The Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar is made up of US Steel and has knurled handles. Apart from being tough and durable, it is also very efficient as lifters can easily switch from one set of handles to the other by flipping the bar over. The US Steel is coated with Rogue Signature Black Powder to give it a classy look and feel. It has two sets of knurled handles of 1.34” diameter. This particular brand and model has received multiple positive reviews from its customers and it has a 1-year warranty.

Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar

The Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar V2 weighs around 60lbs. It has a very minimalistic design and is perfect for all levels of athletes.

This model is similar to most Titan Hex Bars as it is manufactured of precision-grade stainless steel and has a raised grip. It sits 7.5 inches off the ground for better motion and has knurled handles, giving it a firm grip. This model also has a dual handle design for targeting individual muscle groups. The product has a 1-year warranty and is made of high-quality steel that lasts a lifetime. Apart from the 60lbs weight of the trap bar, it has an additional weight capacity of 800lbs.

The Trap Bar HD by Kabuki Strength

The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD weighs around 66lbs. It has a very complex design and its features are best suitable for professional-level athletes and lifters.

The unique feature of this hex bar is that it has an open design. Most hex bars have a hexagonal closed ring for you to stand in between. This is how hex bars are constructed, but it might have its limits. An open design allows you to have a variety of movements. Similarly, it has swappable grips and handle brackets. This leaves you with multiple comfort options. Apart from the 66lbs weight of the trap bar, it has an additional weight capacity of 1500lbs.

HulkFit Open-back Olympic Bar

The HulkFit Open-back Olympic Bar weighs around 77lbs. It is the strongest and heaviest bar in the list. It has a minimalistic design and has an open back. 

As discussed earlier, the advantage open bars have over closed bars is that an open design allows you to have a variety of movements. The bar is made of heavy duty steel. Thus it is durable and it can be used regularly. The sleeves are also long, which allows you to add more weight plates if you need it. Long sleeves and open design together allow you to perform exercises with greater form and range of muscle. Apart from the 77lbs weight of the trap bar, it has an additional weight capacity of more than 1000lbs.

Different models of Hex (Trap) Bar

Brand / Model

Weight in lbs

Titan Olympic Hex Bar


Titan EZ load hex bar


Rogue Fitness


Titan Hex Trap Bar


Kabuki Strength


HulkFit Open-back Olympic Bar



Hex Bar vs Straight Bar in Deadlifting

Deadlifting is a very popular exercise in strength training. Athletes can be seen performing deadlifts a lot because it trains multiple muscles at a time and gradually increases your strength very much.

Deadlifts can improve your hip extensors, core, bone strength, and back and even boost your metabolism. If you have lower back issues, you will be highly recommended to perform deadlifts. Now since you know about both Hex bars and Straight bars, you might need help choosing between a hex bar and a straight bar for deadlifting.


Hex bars

Better targeted muscle groups

Deadlifts are designed for strengthening lower back muscles, trapezius, and glutes, and with straight bars, you also engage your feet to maintain stability. 

The decision-making factor is simple. Straight rods for deadlifting are great. Period. But, if you want to utilize deadlifting completely, keep an open mind towards hex bars or trap bars.  Hex bars, by default, set your body in such a position that gives you the ultimate benefits of performing deadlifts. In the case of straight rods, you have to be sure that your position is 100% proper all the time. If you have back pain, but still have to do deadlifts, then it is recommended to use hex bars. Again, if you are a beginner and have access to a hex bar, it is recommended to choose hex bars of a certain weight over straight rods.

Different Exercises using a Hex Bar

Now that you have an idea of how much your hex bar weighs, you need to know the full potential of a hex bar. Apart from deadlifts, you can also perform other exercises that help you build muscle and gain strength. 


Doing deadlifts with a hex bar translates into a weight on your feet compared to conventional and sumo deadlifts. The increase in strength in your torso will increase your quadriceps ability and decrease the stress on your back.

Often people find it more fun performing hex-bar dead lifts and learn them quicker than traditional methods. They add that the deadlift feels like more of something else than a squat. For these reasons, people call it squat lifting exercises. 

Bench press/floor press

Shoulder pain is a common problem with many lifters. It provides better shoulder stability and parallel flexion with the use of x bars. So you are free to work your chest while not straining your bones. You can perform bench presses on racks for lifting or floor presses. These two exercises are equally beneficial although floor presses are much easier to handle.

Overhead press

The bars have parallel grips so you can use barbell overhead presses. Many people use the hand position for shoulder stability, but it is more comfortable. The bar should however be put under squats. There are no traps on the shoulders to clear.

Romanian deadlifts

Similar to conventional deadlifting, Romania's hex bar deadlift is easier to lift with the lower back if seated with barbells. The use of hex bars helps you work out the glutes and muscles, and you don't have to worry about the lumbar spine.

Bent-over row

The use of hex bars allows for maintaining the weight at its center and on your feet. It also reduces the pressure placed on the lower back when you are leaning forward. You can work 100% your time.

Some of the popular exercises that you can perform using a hex/trap bar are:

●      Shoulder Shrugs         -           For your shoulders and traps

●      Bent over row             -           For your back and shoulders

●      Overhead Press           -           For your shoulders and arms

●      Farmer’s Walk             -           Total Body

●      Weighted Squats        -           Glutes and Hamstrings

Benefits of Hex (Trap) Bar

hexbar workout benefits

Hex bar exercises will help you work your core, upper body, lower body, and even your legs. Hex Bar work can be done in different ways depending on what type of exercise you want to do. There are a lot of benefits associated with Hex bar training so let's take a look at some of them

● Hex bars or trap bars come with a considerable amount of weight by default. This helps you train your body even without adding external weight plates.

● The Hex Bar increases grip strength and works for multiple muscle groups at once: the arms, shoulders, upper back and core muscles (especially the abdominals), lower back, and traps.

● Hex bars put the weight on the center of your body, hence your position is always as it should be.

●  It trains your lower back and core muscles (especially the abdominals) to stabilize your spine, which helps prevent injury.

● Using a trap/Hex bar will help strengthen those muscles without putting pressure on them. This makes it one of the best weight-lifting machines around.


Hex (Trap) bars are amazing, and also a considerable investment. Since it weighs around 45lbs to 60lbs commonly, it is great for beginners who are new to weight-training. Hex bars have different weights depending on their type, brand and model. You can easily find the weight of a specific trap bar based on the brand and model.


1. What exercises can be done using a hex bar?

 Various exercises like trap bar deadlifts, trap bar jumps, overhead/military presses, upright rows, and stiff leg deadlifts can be done.

2. What does a hex bar deadlift work?

The trap bar (also referred to as the hex bar) helps in engaging Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Trapezius and Back.

3. Is the trap bar same as deadlift?

If you use a straight bar the weight is distributed evenly throughout the length of the bar. With the trap bar, the weight is concentrated in the center of the bar. Your traps and upper back will be able to handle more weight with the trap bar. The trap bar allows you to go heavier than a standard deadlift, which will lead to greater muscle growth in the long run. Trap bar is different which focusses on different muscles.