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Chest Workouts at Home using Dumbbells 2021

02nd Jul 2022

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Either if you are looking to be athletic or want to increase mass, Chest muscles majorly impact your upper body shape. Most people want their chest muscles to be not just big, but also well defined. Training chest muscles also simultaneously help you build other muscles like arms, back, and triceps. And you don’t necessarily have to have access to huge machines Cable Flyers. A pair of dumbbells can do the magic for you.

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Dumbbells have always been a piece of great equipment for body workout at a home gym. Presently it is widely accepted that one can easily and effectively train the whole body with a pair of dumbbells. They add weight and resistance to daily workouts increasing strength, endurance, and agility.

One of the primary reasons why dumbbells are preferred over barbells whenever necessary is that dumbbells allow a range of motion that is limited in barbells. This serves as a great advantage when training muscles like the chest. Another reason why dumbbells are recommended to beginners is that they help to deal with muscle imbalances. As you begin your training, before lifting heavy weights, your body should be comfortable with the range of motion, and dumbbells aid you with it.

Building chest muscles using heavy machines at the Gym is easy. Each machine works in a specific way to increase mass. But home gyms may not have such huge machines and one has to rely on the versatility of dumbbells.

Today we would like to let you know that building chest muscle is possible using just a pair of dumbbells at your home gym. These exercises are just as effective as using flyers in the gym.

Are Dumbbells solely effective?

When it comes to training chest on “The Chest Day”, many may picture themselves putting weights on a barbell and doing heavy bench presses. That might not be possible with dumbbells around your home gym.

So, you would think to yourself, “Is it effective to solely use dumbbells to build chest muscles at home?” The short and simple answer is, yes.

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Dumbbells not only target the middle chest but with the right exercise, you can work out your upper chest and lower chest too. This acts as a great substitute for huge and heavy machines at gyms.

Dumbbells are very versatile and just a pair of dumbbells is enough to build proper well-defined chest muscles.

Things to keep in mind

Before we begin listing the best Chest workouts at home using dumbbells, there are few things we would like you to keep in mind. In public gyms, there are machines like cable flyers and inclined benches to take care of all the muscles in your chest. It is highly possible that you do not have a cable flyer at your home gym for various reasons. That is why we have selected the listed workouts for you that target all the muscles in your chest with just a pair of dumbbells.

Benches are a piece of great equipment and if you are a beginner at setting up your home gym, a quality bench is highly recommended. Benches help you to perform various exercises with ease. But even if you do not have a bench at your home gym, you can proceed with the workouts mentioned below.

Finally, and most importantly, be aware of the weight of your dumbbells. You must choose the right weight. Do not always go for the heavier dumbbells, especially if you are a beginner. One of the greatest things about dumbbells is that they provide a range of motion for your muscles and joints. It is possible to build proper and enduring chest muscles even with lighter dumbbells. If you are uncertain about the weight and plan to work out in your home gym mostly, then it is recommended to buy an Adjustable Dumbbell that serves its purpose properly.

With that in mind, have a look at the best exercises for your chest using just a pair of dumbbells at your home gym.

Chest Workouts at Home using Dumbbells


Dumbbells T-Pushups

Dumbbells T-Pushups

Dumbbells T-Pushups are a derivation of traditional pushups which, along with your chest and arms, also strengthens your hips. Pushups are one of the best bodyweight exercises and with a pair of dumbbells, you can engage your muscles more effectively.

Dumbbell T-Pushups can be performed in the following steps.

● Start in your normal pushup position while holding a dumbbell in your arms.

● Go down and as you come up, twist your body to one side and simultaneously raise that arm.

● Return to the starting position and do the same with the other side.

Dumbbell T-Pushups are a great exercise for beginners. But make sure you use hex dumbbells to avoid any kind of injuries.

Standing Chest Presses

Standing Chest Presses

Standing Chest Presses is a very clever use of dumbbells to activate your chest muscles. This exercise primarily targets your middle chest but also strengthens your forearms.

Standing Chest Presses can be performed using just one dumbbell in the following steps.

● Stand straight while squeezing a dumbbell with your palms and raise your arm and keep it parallel to the ground.

● Slowly bring the dumbbell towards yourself and engage your chest as much as you can.

● Hold the position for a couple of seconds and push away the dumbbell from your chest.

● Repeat the exercise.

While performing this exercise, be careful of the weight you are carrying. In the beginning, you rely on your arm strength for holding the dumbbell so make sure you choose a dumbbell of your comfort.

If the exercise feels too easy for you, try doing it with shoulder raises to engage your muscles more.

Dumbbell Floor Press

Dumbbell Floor Press


As mentioned above, it is possible you don't have a bench at your home gym. If that is the case, Dumbbell Floor Press is a good exercise for your lower chest.

Dumbbell Floor Presses can be performed in the following steps.

● Lie down on your back, preferably on a mat.

● Bend your knees and make sure your feet stay flat on the floor.

● With dumbbells in your arms, twist your elbows to around 45 degrees and raise your arms as if you were pushing a barbell.

● While bringing your arms down, make sure the elbows touch the ground.

● Repeat the exercise.

Standing Chest Flys

Standing Chest Flys

Standing Chest Flys using dumbbells is a great exercise for your lower chest. Along with your lower chest, this is also a great exercise for your shoulders.

Standing Chest Flys is performed as follows:

● Stand straight with your feet apart. 

● Hold dumbbells in your arms, and raise both your arms, such that your elbows are parallel to the ground and your palm faces front.

● Bring your elbows closer while tightly holding the dumbbells and squeeze your chest.

● Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Svend Press

Svend Press

Svend Press is another effective exercise for your chest using a pair of dumbbells. This exercise is a combination of bench press and bicep curls.

You can perform Svend Press with either a pair of dumbbells or a single dumbbell.

● Stand straight and hold the dumbbells in your arm. Start with a position where your elbows are folded and your biceps are engaged.

● Push your arm forward and try to squeeze your chest as much as possible.

● Bring your arm back towards yourself and expand your chest as much as possible.

● Repeat the exercise.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Dumbbell Pullovers

This exercise might require you to either have a bench or an exercise ball. But it is a very effective exercise. This exercise along with your chest constantly engages your back. 

This exercise is overall good for your upper body strength as it engages your chest, shoulders, and back. You can perform Dumbbell Pullovers in the following steps:

● Lie down on your back on a bench or an exercise ball.

● Hold a dumbbell in your arm and raise your arm upward. You can hold the dumbbell either horizontally or vertically.

● Rotate your shoulders to bring your arms backward and above your head. You should feel a gentle stretch on your chest.

● Bring your arms back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.


Dumbbells are a piece of great equipment for training your chest muscles right at your home. With the proper exercises, you can achieve great strength and enduring muscles. Here are some key points for you to keep in mind.

● It is possible to train your chest muscles with just a pair of dumbbells

● Although either a bench or an exercise ball is recommended for a smoother experience, it is possible to perform exercises without them

● Choosing the right dumbbell for you is important. Fixed sized and Adjustable are your two options. It is better to use hexagonal-shaped dumbbells.

● Start slow in each exercise and progress

● Always remember to stay in proper form and shape while performing each exercise