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6 Awesome Benefits of a Swiss Bar for Massive Strength & Exercises

02nd Jul 2022

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Swiss Bars are an interesting derivative of traditional barbells. Barbells are very effective workout equipment. Swiss Bars are heavy barbells with consecutive symmetrical gaps along the bar. This allows the bar to be held with a proper grip. 

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Swiss Bars are very well known to be the workout gear to increase strength and build muscles. It is primarily used for bench presses and is very common among lifters. Football bar, multi-grip bar, neutral grip bar are the other names by which a Swiss Bar goes around. The many names of this equipment show the versatile nature of this equipment.

The mechanical build of a Swiss Bar/Football Barbell is worth looking into. A traditional barbell is a straight iron rod with optional weight plates on both ends.

A Swiss Bar or Football Barbell is wide in the center and has multiple grip handles to hold on. This allows for more complex and painless weight training. Just like a barbell, on both ends of the Swiss Bar/Football Barbell, additional weight plates can be added for more weight.

The main reason Swiss Bar came to existence is the fact that it reduces shoulder and wrist injuries while performing bench presses. All that strain is transferred to the triceps area, giving it more power and strength.

The use of normal barbells may lead to imbalances. But Swiss Bar/Football Barbells are constructed in such a way that it reduces the chances of muscle imbalances to a minimum. Thus, the symmetry is maintained.

Essential Benefits of a Swiss Bar

Benefits of a Swiss Bar

Swiss Bar, Football Bars, Multi-Grip Bars are the different names given to the same equipment. This bar is mainly used by lifters and athletes. But it is also a fine addition to anyone’s workout routine. Swiss Bars/Football Barbells increase both the strength and power of an individual. It is really good for muscle gain. The Swiss Bar has many benefits to list out.

Full Body Workout: 

Barbells allow a person to work out every muscle in the body. Since Swiss Bars are a derivative of barbells, it also allows them to work out the whole body, but with one additional advantage; Swiss Bars improve balances. A major variety of push and pull exercises can be done with a single Swiss Bar.

A person can work out both the upper-body and lower-body easily with this bar. The workout routine with a Swiss Bar/Football Barbell is practically limitless. Although primarily barbells were made to do bench presses, the Swiss Bar/Football Barbell can be used as a tool for pull-ups, push-ups, overhead presses, etc.

Reduction of Shoulder and Wrist Pain:

Shoulders, wrists, and lower back are the body parts where a person feels the most discomfort post-workout. This is the most popular reason why Swiss Bar/Football Barbells are common among athletes and lifters. While performing the traditional bench presses using a barbell, there is a strain on the shoulders and wrists which eventually leads to pain in the respective areas.

Swiss Bar/Football Barbells have multiple adjustable grips that allow the reduction of shoulder pain. The grip allows one to hold the bar in different angles and avoid any crucial and unnecessary pain to the wrist.

Increase in Strength: 

Muscle gain and strength are the results of the resistant movements of the body in a proper form. Barbells may cause muscle imbalances. Here the mechanics of a Swiss Bar/Football Barbell are of great advantage. The neutral-grip gives you a proper form during the movement of the muscle.

This forceful tight motion allows an individual to build enduring muscles, thus increasing the strength. Also, a Swiss Bar actively engages the triceps which covers the 2/3rd of the arm. The engagement on triceps builds massive arm strength.  

Perfect for Home Gyms: 

Home Gyms are very popular these days. A Swiss Bar/Football Barbell would be a perfect addition to the home gym setup. Due to the versatility these bars offer, multiple exercises can be done with it and it doesn't take up much space.

If you have the luxury of space at your home gym, then Swiss Bar/Football Barbells are going to be a bonus for your daily workout. All the major exercises can be done using this Swiss Bar/Football Barbell. A Football Barbell perfectly goes with a weight bench.

The Physical Build of a Swiss Bar: 

Swiss Bars come in many shapes, sizes, and angles. One can purchase the desired Swiss Bar/Football Barbell based on the budget and space. There are Swiss Bars/Football Barbells with angled grip handles and wide grip handles or both. Each of them comes with its advantages.

Affordable Equipment:

When it comes to fitness, usually it is a goal to find quality products in a budget. Swiss Bar/Football Barbells are not that expensive. They can be bought within the average gym budgets and are a great one-time investment. Whether it is a public gym or a home gym, a tool like the Swiss Bar/Football Barbell is extremely useful. 

Swiss Bar Exercises

A person can train the whole body from top to bottom using this single multi-grip barbell. Swiss Bars are one of the most versatile workout equipment. Since Swiss Bars/Football Barbells allow the traditional push and pull exercises, most exercises can be done with this bar. The most common and effective workouts are:

Upper-Body Workouts

Inclined/ Declined Bench Presses – Chest and Arms

Overhead Presses – Shoulders

Pull-ups (can be placed on a strong foundation.) – Upper Back and Arm

Triceps Extensions and Skull Crushers – Triceps

Curls – Biceps and Forearms

Lower-Body Workout

Weighted Squats – Legs and Thighs

Deadlift – Lower Back and Glutes

Calves Raise – Calves

Recommended Swiss Bars

There are many Swiss Bar/Football Barbells available, yet there are some names that stand out among the fitness community. These companies have been manufacturing Swiss Bar/Football Barbells for a while and have received positive criticisms from their customers.

Rogue Fitness:

Rogue Fitness has been making fitness equipment since the last decade. They are popular and have a good reputation among their customers. The Swiss Bars/Football Barbells that are manufactured by Rogue Fitness are of premium quality and are a combination of neutral-grips and angled grips.

Titan Fitness:

Titan Fitness is another prime name among fitness enthusiasts. The physical appearance of a Swiss Bar/Football Barbell manufactured by Titan Fitness is different from other manufacturers. The grip of this bar is at a very wide-angle and the gap is much higher in the center than other barbells. But, it still can be used as any other Swiss Bar / Football Barbell available without any trouble.



Here are some key points on the Swiss Bar:

1. Swiss Bars are also known as Football Barbells, Multi-grip Bars, Neutral-grip bars, etc.

2. Swiss Bars are essentially barbells with multiple grip handles for an effective and safe workout.

3. Swiss Bars allow us to do a complete body workout by hitting every essential muscle.

4. Swiss Bars are perfect for building strength and muscles

5. Swiss Bars reduce shoulder and wrist pain during bench presses and are safe for home gyms

6. Swiss Bars are very affordable and come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

There are some frequent doubts about the effectiveness and use of a Swiss Bar.

What is a Swiss Bar?

A Swiss Bar is an interesting derivative of traditional barbells with multiple handles to perform a variety of push and pull exercises more efficiently and precisely without much strain on shoulders and wrists. It is a very powerful workout gear and is majorly used by lifters and athletes. A Swiss Bar is also known as football barbell, multi-grip barbell, neutral-grip barbell, etc. 

Why use a Swiss Bar?

Swiss Bars are very versatile in their build and can be used for a lot many exercises for the whole body. They reduce the major stress on shoulders and wrists while performing the bench press with weights.

Swiss Bars/Football Barbells are generally used by powerlifters, weightlifters, and athletes active in the football field. Swiss Bars are a great option for massive strength increments. The normal barbell is a straight iron rod with weight discs on both sides. On the other hand, Swiss Bar / Football Barbells have multiple handles that are equally separated from the center to provide more grip and strength.

All the exercises that are done using a barbell can also be done using a Swiss Bar. But Swiss Bars have an additional advantage and it helps lifters and athletes a lot. Swiss Bars do not strain the shoulders as much as barbells do. This is a major benefit for people who have shoulder pain or going through surgery. During a bench press, Swiss Bar/Football Barbell primarily engages the triceps and help build it.

How much does a Swiss Bar weigh?

Usually, a Swiss Bar weighs around 35lbs – 45lbs (15 to 20kgs). Nevertheless, more weight plates can be added on either side to increase the resistance as per the individual’s strength.

How to use a Swiss Bar?

A Swiss Bar can be used the same way a barbell is used. Using a quality Swiss Bar / Football Barbell, one can perform exercises from bench presses to overhead presses and even curls. A Swiss Bar has multiple handles. The closer the arms are, the more difficult the bench press becomes, as it massively targets the triceps area.

Quick exercises that can be performed using a Swiss Bar/Football Barbell are:

Incline/Decline Bench presses – Chest and Arm

Skull Crushers – Triceps

Overhead Presses – Shoulders

Upright Rows – Back

Deadlift – Back and Legs

Curls – Forearms and Biceps